Extracurricular Activities

Leadership: Was the student an officer of the club? Did he/she manage people, lead and organize events? Was he/she elected to increasingly more prominent positions? Leadership is an important characteristic of the strongest applicants to the best universities.

Commitment: Did the student demonstrate a consistent, sustained commitment to the club? Did his/her other activities show a distinct interest in that topic or subject? Did his/her high school summer activities correspond to school year club commitments?

Record of Excellence: It’s important to show that not only were you president of your school’s Chess Club and captain of the Debate Team, but you managed significant accomplishments. Ways to do this include winning major regional or national contests and expanding the club’s membership.  It’s not about quantity, but quality. And it’s better to have two distinct areas of interest and do really well in them, than 5 different areas of interest where your performance is solid but not distinctive.

Sample ECs
• Volunteer at 3 hospitals: plan to reach 900 hours by the end of senior year (activities included general patient care: cleaning up, talking to, etc., some office work, helping nurses, working in the E.R. helping doctors out, etc.).
• Volunteered about 150 hours at a village hospital in India helping out the poor.
• Internship with radiologist in Chicago
• Went to South Africa and spent the whole summer volunteering to help AIDS patients as well as researching with doctors stationed there, 375 hours of volunteering there.

Summer Service Camp/Medical Mission
Medical mission provides students with clinical experiences that instill compassion and that help students understand the true meaning of medicine and service.  Medical mission helps students take their education to the next level.

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