About Tu Luong Medical Mission Foundation

Tu Luong Medical Mission Foundation also known as Tu Luong Foundation (TLF) was established in Vermont by Tan Lam in honor of his parents Tu and Luong respectively.  Tu and Luong “means from the heart” and also means “to help, to assist” in Tagalog.  Our first purpose was to provide medical mission to Vietnamese refugees in Southeast Asia. TLF organized a network of students, doctors, and nurses into medical teams to travel to refugee camps and provided free medical services to Vietnamese refugees. TLF provided a way for pharmaceutical companies to furnish donations of money and supplies.

When the last Vietnamese refugee camp closed, TLF reincorporated in Washington 1998 to provide mini medical education for both high school students and adult learners. In addition, we hope to help 1,000 nonprofits a year to solicit funding from different foundations, corporations, and individual donors. In turn, each nonprofit reaches out to 500 clients per year; then TLF would have assisted 500,000 clients per year indirectly.

For high school, SMMS’s curriculum exposes students to a rigorous college curriculum in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, medicine, medical missions. Our goals are for students have the opportunity to graduate with STEM, Medicine, Biliteracy, and College-Ready in pursuing: BA/MD and BS/MD programs (joint-degree) admissions; or top national universities admissions. For the general public, SMMS is designed for adult learners and students, who are interested in learning more about diseases and how the body works. Our program is typically a lecture series that provides “mini-med students” information on some of the same subjects studied by “real” medical students without exams. There are no prerequisites to enroll.

For nonprofits, TLF organizes Grantmakers-Grantseekers Conference, Meet the Grantmakers Forum, and nonprofit webinars. Each webinar is designed to equip nonprofit organizations with the knowledge needed to meet fundraising goals. Nonprofit webinar topics include fundraising events, social media, crowdfunding, donor communication, and much more! TLF dedicates to use the Internet to effectively connect and share information with other nonprofit organizations.

501(c) Certificate

Contact Us

Email is the preferred method for initial contact. I am also a teacher. I do not answer phone during school hours. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Tan M Lam
P.O. Box 974
Seahurst, WA 98062

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