Nonprofit Webinars

Webinars are seminars conducted live over the web using Google Meet and/or Zoom video conferencing platforms that are compatible with most PC, Mac, Linus, and smart phones. Ever wish you could relocate a course, meeting or presentation from the stuffy meeting room to the organization’s sofa and save time and travel expenses? With webinars, you can do just that. Just make sure to bring your laptop or smart phone. Our webinar series will convene high quality presenters to deliver information-filled workshops in four tracks:

Fun Raising and Fund Development workshops will include grant writing, capital campaigns, the very popular “Meet the Grantmakers,” and much more.

Market, Media, and Technology sessions are designed to help organizations communicate effectively with members, donors, and the media to utilize technology as a mean of increase effectiveness

Nonprofit Business and Management will provide tools, techniques, and information designed to increase nonprofit organization capacity.

Personal and Professional Development. Professional development is focused on the development of skills in relation to your job to help you keep more effective in the workplace. Personal development is more focused on personal skills, growth, improvement, empowerment, confidence, and much more. 

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